guinea pigs as pets, best pets for kids

Guinea Pigs as Pets

Are you considering cute guinea pigs as pets?  Whether you are single, have a family, maybe even kids, modern day life is pretty hectic with often lots of time and financial pressures.  Having a pet is wonderful for the soul

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guinea pig care, easiest pets to take care of

Guinea Pig Care

Taking care of guinea pigs involves a number of well-considered aspects, including guinea pig habitat (indoor cage or outdoor hutch), guinea pig food and diet, guinea pig toys and accessories to keep them entertained and exercised, as well as grooming

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indoor guinea pig cages

Guinea pig cages, toys and accessories

Guinea pig cages, guinea pig toys and accessories are all fundamental to owning happy guinea pigs as pets.  Choosing the right guinea pig habitat is an important decision for both the comfort, health and safety of your new guinea pigs,

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10 Great Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Awesome Pets

  1. Guinea pigs have big personalities.
  2. Guinea pigs are unique and each one is so different.
  3. Guinea pigs are almost always happy.
  4. Guinea pigs bond with and react to humans.
  5. Guinea pigs love exploring.
  6. Guinea pigs are super funny creatures.
  7. Guinea pigs are wonderfully entertaining and you can watch them for hours.
  8. Guinea pigs are clever and can learn tricks.
  9. Guinea pigs love food and squeak in delight for food.
  10. Guinea pigs are super cute.
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